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Detective Bullshit

Co-Designed with Rae Votta for Tasty Penguin
Tabletop Game–2016

Detective Bullshit is a game of hot air and cold caess for 3-5 players you win by making shit up. It's a competitive storytelling game centered around a fictional criminal case. Unlike Clue, there's no right answer, but like Cards Against Humanity, the fun is in getting your friends to pick your ridiculous story.



About the Game

Detective Bullshit was successfully funded June 3, 2016 on Kickstarter! With the help of over 400 backers, we raised over $24,000 to produce the first run of the Base Game and the Private Dick Expansion Deck. 

The Base Game includes: 100 Person of Interest cards, 100 Evidence cards, 1 twelve sided Due Process Die, Bullshit Tokens, and game instructions.

The Private Dick Expansion Deck for the Detective Bullshit Base Game is a 90 card deck full of sexy characters, naughty evidence, and customizable cards. These cards are not safe for work... unless your job is Detective Bullshit.

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